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Building Knowledge Which Benefits

ITQAN Vision

A Leading Institution for Building ,Developing and Modeling Useful Knowledge

ITQAN Mission

providing Knowledge Solutions that fuse the Power of Information Technology with Best Practices to yield perfect INNOVATIVE and QUALITATIVE Behavioral Systems


  • Establishing Knowledge System that provide Integrated Solutions.
  • Building a distinguished group of Partners and Knowledge-makers.
  • Provide advisory and Training programs that Internationally Recognized.
  • Achieving World Wide Accreditations to provide the Best Services.
  • Ensuring and Developing Efficient Services with Honest and Premium Quality.

ITQAN Values​​

  • Responsibility - a commitment to work Professional and Objective.
  • Excellence - on providing, Creatively and Qualitative the BEST.
  • Transparency - Honesty in Dealing and Flexibility in Implementation.
  • Communication - Building Lasting Fruitful Relationship with our Customers - Partners.
  • Evolution- on Development to the latest in Techniques and Technology.

ITQAN Activities

  • Consultation in Information Technology and Management.
  • Organizing Training Programs and Various Workshops.
  • Researching and Specialized Studies.
  • Participation in Scientific, Social and Cultural events.
  • Building the Integrated Knowledge System (coming soon).

ITQAN Training Programs

iSE - Integrated Solutions Sytem Expert i# - SE Integrated Solutions System Expert

We are providing Knowledge Solutions that fuse the Power of Information Technology with Best Practices to yield INNOVATIVE and QUALITATIVE Behavioral Systems.

  • Information Technology Solutions Management (Based on CompTIA)
  • Information Technology Solutions Development (Based on Microsoft)
  • Web Development (Based on Adobe)
  • Electronic Services System Management and Development (Microsoft SharePoint 2010)

professional Skills professional Skills

Internationally Recognized Programs that leveraging the professionals to their New and Attractive Level of their Career and Promote their Titles.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL Foundation)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

eLectronic Skills eLectronic Skills

Skills that are needed in Every Day of life and with Master Level to make it Easier and Joyful so to have Productive and Innovative Works Done.

integrated Skills integrated Skills

The Power of Knowledge with The Smart Technology are meeting here to enrich professional Minds and Hands with the exact Experience that are Efficient and Useful.

The Programs

  • Electronic Office (eOffice).
  • eCommerce.
  • Electronic Media (eMedia).
  • Electronic management of Entrepreneurship (eEntrepreneurship).

The Courses

  • Effective Presentation Skills using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Writing and Reporting Skills using Microsoft Word.
  • Email effective Management using Microsoft Outlook tools.
  • Time and Tasks Management using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Statistics Skills using Microsoft Excel Tools.
  • Document Management and Archiving using Microsoft Access.
  • Interview skills and building electronic CV using web tools.
  • Active Team working using Cloud technology.

active Skills active Skills

Better Thinking, Better Planning and Better Executing, these Skills will sure yielding the Best way to be Innovative and Qualitative towards Excellence

  • Effective Management of Information and Communication .
  • Management of Time and Task Priority .
  • Effective Balancing between Work and Personal Life.
  • Effective and Efficient Customer Service.
  • Strategic and Creative Thinking.
  • Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Performance.
  • Starting and Planning Successful Business.

Open Programs Open Programs

Collection of multi-flavored programs that covering a lot of master skills and tools, exclusive for those who have the passion of innovation and creativity.